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Welcome to the 72nd Precinct Series

Angels cry rayne marrow.jpg

He's an undercover cop and she could blow his cover. The stakes are high in this chilling suspense.

Girls are disappearing; heroin is hitting the streets and undercover detective Shane Sterns is up against the wall. He must choose to either protect Charlie, the woman he's always loved, or to take down a dangerous crime syndicate.

Shane and Charlie have a lot to gain, and their lives they could lose in this tangled web of crime, deception, and murder...

Nowhere is safe in ANGELS CRY, a dark and gritty  noir crime novel.

Sometimes, death is only the beginning... How much is one body worth?

Deadly Sins rayne marrow.jpg

A sinister psychological thriller not for the faint of heart!

Rayne Marrow writing as USA TODAY bestselling author, Tina Glasneck, is back with a dark crime thriller filled with mystery and suspense.

Some things are worth killing for!

Alexandria "Xandy" Caras was charged with murder—a mass murder.

The charges were dropped; the case dismissed.

Or was it?

A serial killer with a "Moses Complex" is out for blood—Xandy's blood—and the blood of those who have sinned against the Ten Commandments.

The bodies are piling up, and he's getting closer to his number one target: Xandy.

Only her death will make it all stop, silencing the deranged killer who thirsts for far more than just revenge.

burden of proof cabin on the lake new rayne marrow.jpg

Members of his family have been brutally murdered, and Tommy Melancon, a 13-year-old, stands accused of the heinous crime. His mother is the sole survivor and is adamant that he wielded the weapon that committed the atrocity. His only advocate is his grandmother, who’s hired a law firm to represent her grandson on the charges.

Emili Jones is a new paralegal, who’ll have to hit the ground running. The thought of a child facing prosecution and potentially even the death penalty for a crime he didn’t commit spurs Emili on to look under every rock to find the truth. Even if it means stumbling upon imminent danger. Emili will need to solve the crime to help Tommy find redemption, or die trying.

Innocent until proven guilty is not that definite.

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