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A Taboo: Cannabalism

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

WARNING: Welcome to this month’s Murderer’s Market column.This post deals with the topic of cannibalism. If you are squeamish, don’t read any further.

This is not my usual in-depth post, in that I was very much grossed out by the topic. If anything, it is a cursory introduction to the topic. Recently, I was asked to dive into the topic of cannibalism. We’ve all heard tales from New Guinea, of tribal wars and losing tribe members being cannibalized, and even about those who’ve thought to immortalize their victims through the eating of their opponent’s flesh. There are several different forms of cannibalism, as to the reasoning behind the practice. Today, I’m diving into the topic of the sexual paraphilia of cannibalism, called Erotophonophilia.

Erophonophilia is defined as “a is a sexual paraphilia in which individuals derive sexual pleasure and arousal from murdering (or imagining they are murdering) someone.” What is different about this, for the cannibal, is that the ”killer typically kills their victims during sex and/or mutilates their victims’ sexual organs (the latter of which is usually post-mortem). In some cases, the erotophonophiles will eat some of their victim’s body parts (usually post-mortem).”  The famous Jack the Ripper is believed to have been grouped in this category.  See Turn the Eating 

The rise of cannibalism isn’t anything new, but understanding it as a psychological disorder helps to shed light on why some people crave the taste of human flesh.

The taste is supposed to resemble that of either succulent veal or a sweet pig. No, I’m not talking about the latest piece of meat picked up at the grocery story, but instead the taste of human flesh. During my internet search, I even found comments of how sizzling bacon reminds firefighters of cooking human flesh.

Trust me, this topic is not one for the weak of stomach. Googling it alone made me gulp, as  I dived into forums to uncover answers to my questions (if you google anything enough, you’re sure to come up with answers). I recovered information that described humans flesh as close to prosciutto in taste, while others discussed taking “samples” from the deceased to test out their theories (others posted recipes, equating placentaophagia to cannibalism).

Cannibalism, brought truly into modern culture by 1972 Andes disaster,   broached the subject for many. And when a movie came out with a serial killer, who did the same, the topic is not as much on the fringe as many would wish.  Even recently on an episode of Hot in Cleveland, part of the story-line was about cannibalism.

This taboo topic gives me chills, and the images of people roasting over hot coal or being devoured raw makes me want to gag. Maybe it is a psychological disorder, but it is surely something I never wish to become a part of my reality.

I don’t know about you, but I think I’ll leave the pork alone for a while…it’s just too much knowledge to swallow.

What’s your take on the whole cannibalism thing?

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