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Murderers Among Us

The mind can take you to places you never thought possible, both good and bad.

Murder has existed almost as long as man-kinds’ existence. We’ve killed in the name of love and hate; for food and to avoid famine; we’ve killed because of misplaced honor and now, besides pestilence, disease, hunger and poverty, we also have to still be weary of one another – under the surface of our survival, is the killer. The instinct that snaps necks, breaks bones and wants nothing more than to dance in a pool of their victim’s blood.

When it comes to criminal investigation, the evidence, like a trail of blood leads to the suspect, but still a motivation is constantly sought – to show if the crime was random or more planned; where a motivation can be discerned, then it is also easier to track down the culprit. Please understand, with the theory of seven degrees of separation, police always look at the immediate circle of the victim, because that is where most of the perpetrators will be. Who knew that murders are done by friends, family and lovers? You are more likely to die at the hands of someone you know than a complete stranger.

But then, you have the stranger who is seeking a thrill; the “born” killer, who wishes nothing more than to feel something. It is something that has ballooned within them, vibrations running through their bodies, seeking a release that others could never fathom. It is not death, but power. Recognition. And worse, it is most likely undetected.

Unfortunately, people don’t ride around with signs around their necks, revealing their intentions (although that would be a great tool for technology to come up with). Instead, their internal workings can only be deciphered by their actions. How many ticking time bombs are out there in need of diffusing? How many have we made through bullying and a lack of self-expression? How many are living in their fantasy worlds and wish to become something in this reality?

The darkness woos me like a long lost lover, inviting me deeper into its depths. It’s amplified like sound in a bullhorn, forever surrounding, luring me deeper into its depths. I feel its warm hand at the base of my skull, leading me, until ….

It doesn’t take much for thoughts to become actions.  The thoughts we have can take over, creating a world where someone becomes like a character of their own creation, entering a deadly and dire cycle beginning all with the thought and desire for murder, to planning it, to putting the plan in motion, to finally enacting the plan, and the great shame, guilt that many feel thereafter. It is the serial killer's circle, and one I've studied to help create my fiction.

I pour my expertise into my dark and gritty works. My goal is to provide my readers with tales filled with murder, mystery, and suspense, to even unearth those topics not considered important, highlighting that an absolute good or evil does not exist.

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